With such a passion for the culinary arts, Jimmy Bui has been a classically trained chef for most of his life.  Born and raised in Saigon (Vietnam), Jimmy worked in the food industry for years in up-scale restaurants and eventually became head chef for many commercial ships traveling overseas.  He eventually moved to America in 2005  with his family for to pursue new ventures. Jimmy’s lifelong mission as a dedicated chef is to surprise and delight patrons with traditional Vietnamese cooking techniques combined with his very own modern take on each dish. Today, Jimmy humbly opens his new restaurant, ‘The B’s Kitchen’ to any and everyone who has an adventurous pallet.  Recently recognized by Andrew Zimmern for his wild boar dish, Jimmy thrives to innovate new creations for his fellow Austinites.  Jimmy embraces the slogan “Keep Austin Weird” by creating his own dishes with a mix of “crazy”, as he calls it.